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HUMAN & AEG | BotGuard for Growth Marketing Case Study

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AEG Presents piloted HUMAN's BotGuard to gain insights into potential bot interference in its marketing for various events. Several notable livestreams, tours and festivals, including 5 AEG Presents Festivals, AEG Presents Owned & Operated sites (.com), and 2 AEG presents artist tours covered within pilot. BotGuard for Growth Marketing identified that 10.59% of total traffic represented invalid traffic from bots and other threats. More than 15% of the traffic for one tour effort was found to be from bots, highlighting how threats can be missed in a narrow view. AEG Presents made real-time optimizations to the marketing mix for subsequent campaigns to reduce bot traffic to below industry accepted levels. AEG Presents Uses BotGuard for Growth Marketing To Identify Bots In the Crowd AEG Presents, a world leader in live events, wanted to ensure that marketing efforts were being directed 100% to real fans. They were seeking a technology partner who could accurately detect the presence of sophisticated bots within its marketing and identify the sources supplying that invalid traffic. AEG Presents needed insights that could allow for subsequent marketing mix adjustments and improved performance with protection against bot vulnerabilities. Ultimately, they wanted to ensure their marketing efforts were only attracting humans for lower advertising dollar waste. C H A L L E N G E : Ensure Event Marketing Attracts Only Real Humans

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